With today’s technology, tracking your sleep has become pretty easy as well as become beneficial to gauge your overall rest quality for the night. But what if you don’t want to sleep with a watch, ring, band, or other tracking device? The Beautyrest sleeptracker monitor solves this problem by seamlessly being placed under your mattress.

So, what are we reviewing today? You guessed right if you were thinking the Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Wearable-Free Sleep TrackerBeautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Wearable-Free Sleep Tracker – Intuitive App and Alexa Enabled. This sleep monitor is wearable-free, meaning the tracking sensors are placed under your mattress and will monitor all stages of your nighttime sleep activity – from light stages of sleep to deep REM stages of sleep. This device will also monitor your breathing, heart rate, and collect other helpful data points. The Sleeptracker MonitorBeautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Wearable-Free Sleep Tracker – Intuitive App and Alexa Enabled is packaged to support up to two sleepers, and will provide you with information via the widely praised smartphone app or directly via Alexa.

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Features

What makes this SleeptrackerBeautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Wearable-Free Sleep Tracker – Intuitive App and Alexa Enabled stand out to us are the hands-free features, users report that it is great to simply setup the device and go about their daily sleep schedule without having to be constantly connected to a device. The sleep monitor will monitor respiration and heart rate, light sleep, deep sleep and REM cycles as well as track body movement and sleep interruptions. So, what about after you sleep, what do you do with all of the data that has been collected? The Beautyrest sleeptracker monitor app will coach you and deliver personalized sleep quality advice and information to help you improve your quality of sleep such as, nightly sleep scores based on daily, weekly, and monthly sleep-trends, time spent in each phase of sleep and in REM, as well as an alarm system that can wake you up at the optimal time to promote energy throughout the day.

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