Like to fish? Nothing beats a day on the water or fishing the surf on a calm day. What’s even better? Experiencing that rush you get after landing your catch. If you practice catch and release, it’s important to handle your fish properly with a quality set of fish grippers and hook remover pliers.

Today we are reviewing the ZACX Fishing Pliers / Hook Remover, and GripperZACX Fishing Pliers / Hook Remover, and Gripper. This product set is truly the best gift for fisherman of all types, is made with with excellent quality and the tools are very convenient to operate. The multi-functional, aluminum, hollowed out multi-functional pliers can cut fishing line, crimp sleeves, crimp leads, and remove hooks with ease as well as work great when cutting braid. The gripper tool has an extended handle and can be operated with one or two fingers to easily grip the lips of your fish which is perfect for photo presentation. Both the pliers and the gripper are designed very well boasting sturdiness and durability, are rust proof and corrosion resistant as well are very pleasing to the eye. ZACXZACX does a excellent job on this tool set which users report stand up to both saltwater and freshwater environments – in short, we recommend buying to add to your fishing tackle essentials.

Fish Gripper Pliers & Hook Remover – What’s Included?

Included with your purchase you will receive, 1 gripper and 1 pair of multi-functional fishing pliers with sheath. Based on our research, we found that the Dr. Meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale With Measuring TapeDr. Meter Backlit LCD Display Fishing Scale With Measuring Tape and the Textured Grip Palm Fish Handling GlovesTextured Grip Palm Fish Handling Gloves pair very well with this purchase as well as won’t break the bank.

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