Let’s talk about Masterbuilt digital electric smokers and see if these cookers hold up to the big boys. Are they worth it? Do they produce the same flavor? What about heat distribution and creating that beautiful smoke ring? Today we are reviewing digital electric smokers and our pick is the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker, Outdoor, 30-Inch, MES130B Model.

First, let’s answer the above questions – yes, electric smokers are worth it, yes they produce real smoked BBQ flavor with smoke rings, and it’s widely claimed the the heat distribution fairs much better with electric smokers than traditional wood or charcoal burning smokers.

The way digital electric smokers work can vary based on the model you choose however, the Masterbuilt 30-Inch, Model MES130B works based on some pretty tried and proven methods. Essentially, you have a well-made heat-box with dimensions of 20.47″ width X 19.88″ length X 33.26″ height, the heat comes from an electric coil at the bottom of the unit, your wood chips are loaded into a tray which can be fed from the side loader or placed directly by opening the smoker door and sliding out the tray. On the top of the unit you have your control panel which is fairly basic and allows you to set heat, time, etc. – you will find this useful to manage your heat for long consistent cook times. For optimal smoke flavor, it is reported that you should load new wood chips every 45 minutes to every 1 hour. One of the downsides of this smoker is that the max temperature can only be set to 275F which is more than adequate for low and slow cooking, though this will fall short if you would like to cook high and fast.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker – In The Box

So, what arrives with your new electric smoker purchase? You will receive your Masterbuilt digital smoker, 4 cooking racks, a remote control (batteries are not included), and of course your owners manual. Getting setup and ready for your first cooking session is a breeze as the unit is practically fully assembled.

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