When you want to light up your trees, walkway, outdoor decorations, or your freshly landscaped patio area – you are going to need outdoor solar spotlights. This said you do not want to break the bank spending an arm and a leg on solar outdoor lighting sets that make super-product “claims” of producing more bang than what is actually needed.

After comparing the most expensive vs. cheapest outdoor solar lights that are available on the market, our recommendation landed firmly on Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor,10 LED Landscape Spotlights Solar Powered Wall Lights 2-in-1 Wireless Adjustable Security Decoration Lighting for Yard Garden Walkway Porch Pool Driveway In Warm White.

What we love about this product is that you get a set of 4 outdoor, waterproof spotlights which are equipped with brightness adjustments as well as have the solid overall brightness coming in either warm white or standard white. In our opinion the warm light has the classiest glow however if you need to match other white lighting in your yard, the white light version is great as well.

Outdoor Solar Spotlight Placement

Let’s talk about placement and where these lights do their best. We found that placing your outdoor solar spotlights at a slight upward angle facing the base of your trees, garden, or even outdoor wall decorations give the best look. When it comes to distance, we found that a 50 to 75ft viewing range is best suited, by placing these lights further away the overall brightness becomes dimmer and less distinguished which in our opinion defeats the purpose of outdoor lighting.

On another note, do you need the right equipment to maintain your yard, garden, walkway, porch, pool, or driveway? We recently reviewed a product set coming with a cordless string trimmer and leaf blower which will give you all of the maintaining and clean-up power you need to ensure your outdoor space looks great.