Let’s talk about USB podcast microphones, in today’s digital world whether for school, the workplace, to be used professionally for quality sound over the web, or for recordings in general – you are going to need to get your hands on a great USB mic. Sure, there is quite the buzz about the quality and recording power of the Blue Yeti USB Mic which by all means is a great choice, however if you can’t afford the Blue Yeti, can you match that same quality with a cheaper USB microphone?

Our answer based on our research in the marketplace is yes! We found that the USB Microphone MAONO AU-902 is an awesome middle of the road to entry level microphone that will certainly get the job done. This mic has all of the features you would expect including: dual volume control, mute button, monitor headphone jack, and Plug and Play functionality. Buyers suggest that this microphone is best used for YouTube, live streaming, vocal recording, gaming, and of course podcasts.

USB Podcast Microphone – MAONO

Let’s face it, we know what you are after and it’s not countless features and bells and whistles – you want that crisp, tight sound you hear when listening to your favorite podcast, YouTube video, or audio book. That sound effect you hear can certainly be expensive to achieve however we are happy to report that this USB mic by MAONO can get it done as well. So, what comes in the box? You will receive 1 USB microphone, 1 type C-USB cable, 1 detachable metal desktop stand, a detailed user manual, and it’s important to note that MAONO Microphones provide 2-year extended warranty with online registration which we recommend to protect your purchase.

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