You are thinking about getting a vehicle scanner code reader, is it worth it to have one in your garage? We think so, today’s vehicles are jam packed with electronics and computer controlled modules that literally keep your engine running. Not only can you check problematic error codes and run diagnostics on your vehicle but you can clear these codes and reset your system.

Today we are reviewing the FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Diagnostic Code Reader Tool and we have to say, based on our research of current user reports, this pocket sized auto scanner tool is definitely worth your attention. When you think about it, you are most likely driving a vehicle that is worth some serious money and with that being the said, auto repair shops absolutely love to nickel and dime you even on the smallest of repairs. Why? Because most folks are flying blind, the auto repair shops know that you can’t see what they see when it comes to your vehicle diagnostics. Furthermore, the auto repair shops know that you rely on them to read your vehicle diagnostic codes, fix the problem, and clear your system so you no longer have to drive with warning lights in your dashboard. Having a handy little tool such as the Diagnostic Code Reader Tool By FOXWELL which plugs directly into your OBD port (usually found under your steering wheel) will not only arm you with knowledge, but will also give you peace of mind in many cases as well as help you diagnose and fix many small problems on your vehicle yourself.

Vehicle Scanner Code Reader – FOXWELL NT301 – Is It Complicated?

As with any new device or gadget there is a slight learning curve, especially if you are new to the auto diagnostic world however most folks report that the software in the FOXWELL NT301 is incredibly straightforward and easy to use. This unit is claimed to work on and be compatible with literally all worldwide cars, trucks, SUVs, and Hybrids. So, what’s in the box? Included with your purchase you will receive your FOXEWELL NT301 Diagnostic Code Reader Tool, a USB cable, a quick reference guide, and of course your user manual. There are also plenty of videos on YouTube that will help you get moving in the right direction with your vehicle diagnostics for this particular unit, simply run a search or two.

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