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Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit – 2nd Generation

Self install home security systems are all the rage these days. When we explored the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit – 2nd Generation we were completely taken back by the widely reported simplicity of the installation process as well as the sheer beautiful aesthetics that these devices have, simply put, Ring really makes having a self installed security system feel trendy and cool.

USB Podcast Microphone – MAONO AU-902

Let’s talk about USB podcast microphones, in today’s digital world whether for school, the workplace, to be used professionally for quality sound over the web, or for recordings in general – you are going to need to get your hands on a great USB mic.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – Active Noise Cancelling

When buying wireless Bluetooth headphones there really isn’t too much debate when it comes to most buyers wanting to match the sound quality of the Bose product line. But what if your budget doesn’t allow you to go with the high-end makes and models?

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