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Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Two Person

With today’s technology, tracking your sleep has become pretty easy as well as become beneficial to gauge your overall rest quality for the night. But what if you don’t want to sleep with a watch, ring, band, or other tracking device? The Beautyrest sleeptracker monitor solves this problem by seamlessly being placed under your mattress.

Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit – 2nd Generation

Self install home security systems are all the rage these days. When we explored the Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit – 2nd Generation we were completely taken back by the widely reported simplicity of the installation process as well as the sheer beautiful aesthetics that these devices have, simply put, Ring really makes having a self installed security system feel trendy and cool.

Body Fat Smart Scale – RENPHO

Dieting and weight loss are a trend that will constantly be on the rise as the tools for success will continue to improve over time. Now that we have body fat smart scales that sync with your fitness apps, monitor your progress, measure your body composition, BMI, and body fat percentage – the overall picture of your health is now easier than ever before to see through the use of technology.

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker – MES130B

Let’s talk about Masterbuilt digital electric smokers and see if these cookers hold up to the big boys. Are they worth it? Do they produce the same flavor? What about heat distribution and creating that beautiful smoke ring?

Memory Foam Mattress 12 Inch – King – AmazonBasics

Memory foam mattresses are the subject of a lot of hype these days, most 12-inch foam mattresses are affordable being made available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Robot Floor Vacuum Cleaner – DEEBOT 500

We are reviewing what we believe is the best robot floor vacuum cleaner available on the market in 2020. We evaluated suction power, hair cleanup, app quality, noise level, battery life, and of course overall effectiveness and price value.

Outdoor Solar Spotlights – Waterproof Lighting for Your Yard

When you want to light up your trees, walkway, outdoor decorations, or your freshly landscaped patio area – you are going to need outdoor solar spotlights. This said you do not want to break the bank spending an arm and a leg on solar outdoor lighting sets that make super-product “claims” of producing more bang than what is actually needed.

Cordless String Trimmer & Leaf Blower – X2 20V Batteries

Regardless of your stance on working in the yard, there is one thing that is pure fact – you must have a cordless string trimmer and leaf blower. Some say yard work is a real pain, some do it out of pure necessity, and some feel that working in their yard or garden is a fun and enjoyable part of life – it all comes down to your equipment.

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